Gender reveal maternity session…in the FREEZING cold!

This session was on an unbelievably cold day in November. We braved the cold temps and headed to the beach to do a gender reveal maternity session! I love how this mom-to-be coordinated all the pink to reveal her little GIRL on the way. The most amazing part is that the sky coordinated with her too! It was cold, but a gorgeous sunset and a beautiful session all around! I cannot wait to photograph their little girl due in just a few short months! Enjoy some of my favorites from the session below 🙂


Gender reveal beach maternity session

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Baby Tate-Newborn-Session-NY- Long overdue!

I am terribly delinquent on my blogging! Here is a session that should have been blogged back in June! I’m photographing Tate’s baby blessing this weekend and could not let that date pass without having blogged his newborn session. I cannot wait to see him this weekend and see how big he has grown in the past few months. So today I am revisiting his newborns session! We got some great shots of Tate with his big brother! I also could not pass up the opportunity to get mom’s fabulous hair color in some shots (she is an amazing colorist!) and some of her tattoos too!

The beautiful mommas and babies of MOMMAS House

I love when I have the opportunity to use my camera to actually help people! These ladies were in need of some portraits of themselves and their little ones and I was more than happy to volunteer to do it! If you don’t know about this organization, learn about it here. It is truly wonderful how they are helping these young women at such a difficult time in their lives.

Since 1986 MOMMAS House has been providing a home for homeless your mothers aged 18 to 23 years and their babies. For approximately 2 years, the young mothers at MOMMAS House continue education or vocational experience interrupted by pregnancy. With guidance and direction, the young mothers can learn to support themselves and their children independently.

Those who would like to help should follow MOMMAS House Facebook page  frequent updates: Click here for how to help now: MOMMAS House Contributions

For more info about the programs for MOMMAS House please visit MOMMAS House programs offered



Tiniest Flower Child- Outdoor Newborn Session in Huntington, NY

When the weather is just right, which is not a whole lot of days here in Long Island, we are able to take a newborn session outside! These are some of my favorite sessions! Elia’s session day was gorgeous and I was so glad that mom and dad didn’t mind me taking her outside, or that grandma didn’t mind me trampling through her garden. The butterfly bush was a perfect color to compliment Elia wrapped in a yellow wrap and sunflower tie back. She looked like a perfect tiny flower child! Even though she was awake for most of her session, we were able to get some beautiful sleepy shots, as well as some really cute awake ones! We even swaddled her like a russian doll, or as her grandma said “a little lady from the old country”. This got many laughs from Elia’s great aunts that had come to see her and gather for lunch. I so enjoyed meeting her parents and the extended family! Enjoy the photos!
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY
Outdoor Newborn session, Huntington NY