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Why you need to have a professional newborn session…

You need to have a professional newborn session so you can have a beautiful gallery to cover your walls with, make birth announcements with, give your children self esteem by knowing they are important enough to be displayed throughout your home with, and of course so you can remember the fleeting moments of how tiny your little baby was when they were born!

This was a super sweet session in my studio, located in Greenlawn, Long Island. Big brother was amazing with his new sister. That smile is everything. We got a nice hanging pose for mom and a lot of purple, of course! Enjoy some photos from the session below.












Northport Newborn Photographer l Michelle Behr Photography session in Northport, Long Island

When I met this amazing couple during their maternity shoot, I just knew their baby girl would be as sweet as them… and you know what? She so is!! I was so excited for this session. After doing the maternity session at the beach (in freezing cold temps) I knew mom would want beach elements in the newborn session as well. Mom loves the beach and all things pink! We have a lot in common 🙂 Here is little Aviana at 3 weeks old. Check out her amazing nursery too!

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Newborn session in East Northport, Long Island!

This wonderful family came to my studio in East Northport, NY, two weeks ago. They came with their 7 day old baby girl and their adorable son. The session was filled with inspiration. Mom brought along hair clips that had adorned her hair on her wedding day. Of course we decided to adorn baby with them too! It’s such a sweet and sentimental photo. I also took a ton of macro photos as I am obsessed with baby parts! I love getting shots of baby eyelashes and baby lips, fingers and toes! Mom also brought a special hat made by her good friend at Double The Stitches. The hat was a girly replica of her son’s newborn session hat. Big brother B is so in love with his little sister. You could see how much he adores her from the photos! We got a great one of him leaning in to kiss her :melt: I always love when Mom wants to be in the newborn session. Mom is usually so sleep deprived and not feeling her best for photos, but when she has them to look back on later she is always happy she was in them! This Mom didn’t need any convincing and I think she looks gorgeous! Baby Victoria even opened her eyes for that shot!! * Get the hat at Double The Stitches Blogstomp_0182.jpg Blogstomp_0183.jpg Blogstomp_0184.jpg Blogstomp_0185.jpg Blogstomp_0186.jpg Blogstomp_0187.jpg Blogstomp_0188.jpg Blogstomp_0189.jpg Blogstomp_0190.jpg Blogstomp_0191.jpg Blogstomp_0192.jpg Blogstomp_0193.jpg