Valentine’s photo session play date in Long Island, NY

We had a great time at the play date photo session here at Michelle Behr Photography! It was a Valentine’s Day theme and it was ridiculously fun! I have been wanting to offer a session like this for a long time and have decided to go ahead and offer just ONE of these a month! The new Playdate Photo Session can be on location or in my studio located in the Town of Huntington! I want to remember everything about my kids’ childhood and I’m sure you may feel the same way. Well, their friends are part of that! This is a way to get amazing photos of your kids candidly playing with their friends and posed shots as well! We can choose a theme together or just do it documentary style! I’m so excited to add this option to my child photography! Please email me for more details on this new photo package! Enjoy these Valentine’s Day cuties! Blogstomp_0174.jpg Blogstomp_0175.jpg Blogstomp_0176.jpg Blogstomp_0177.jpg Blogstomp_0178.jpg Blogstomp_0179.jpg Blogstomp_0180.jpg Blogstomp_0181.jpg


11 thoughts on “Valentine’s photo session play date in Long Island, NY

  1. forstnerphotography

    What a sweet idea for a play date on Long Island! Love the Valentine’s Day theme and how cute these kiddos are 🙂


  2. Mirranda

    These are the most adorable Valentine’s Day photos! I love the setup that you created! Long Island parents are very lucky! These unique, relaxed sessions that bring out such incredible real smiles just don’t happen everyday. You are very talented!



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